The Lorraine J. D'Emilio Foundation was started in 2011 in memory and honor of Lorraine J. D'Emilio. Lorraine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007. After enduring her first round of chemotherapy, the disease was in remission for over a year. Unfortunately, the disease would reoccur in Lorraine. She did everything she could to fight the horrible disease and maintain her quality of life. Through all of her treatments and operations to mitigate the disease, Lorraine remained steadfast in her desire to help others through volunteerism. Lorraine always reminded others that she was the lucky one for the joy she received from helping others. She also continued to work and enjoy every moment possible with her husband, children, grandchildren and friends. Sadly, Lorraine lost her battle with the disease on October 22, 2010.


The Foundation focuses on helping and supporting others with gynecologic cancers while promoting volunteerism. Lorraine believed strongly in volunteerism and never stopped giving, even through her battle with cancer. She maintained a wonderful quality of life, to the best of her ability, through the 4 year battle. To honor this, the Foundation supports women with gynecologic cancers through education and support, while fostering a sense a volunteerism in the community.



In some cultures the butterfly is said to be the symbol of life and rebirth. In others, it symbolizes the soul. We use the butterfly here today to represent and celebrate the undying love we have for Lorraine.  Let it stand to show a new beginning for all those who have suffered from ovarian cancer and the everlasting love we share with them.

Pic Of Lorraine & Family
Another Butterfly